The KAILASA Paramparagatha Sarvajñapiṭha Suvarnapeetha Swargapura Samrajya (State and Spiritual Kingdom), was established by Paramaśiva who incarnated as Swarna Siddhar in Tiruvannamalai

Picture: Sri Swarna Siddhar, incarnation of Paramaśiva in deity form

Paramaśiva’s establishment was revived in the 12th century by the Mahan (great Seer), Sri La Sri Azhagiya Tiruchittrambala Desikar. He was the son of Śiva Tiru Śivajnana Desika Ācāryar and Sivakamasundari. He attained enlightenment at the age of 7 with his Guru, the Sage Thamba.

The presiding deity is the deity of Paramaśiva and His Divine Consort. The deities are called Arulmigu Maruthuvaneshwarar Swami and His Consort Sri Atchayanayaki Amman.

(Left) Sri La Sri Azhagiya Tiruchittrambala Desikar. (Middle and Right) The presiding deities, Arulmigu Maruthuvaneshwarar Swami and His Consort Sri Atchayanayaki Amman

The Aadheenam is located in the Tiruvarur district, Nannilam Circle which was a region falling within the reign of the Chera Kingdom or Dynasty.

The Chera King at the time had a daughter who had fallen fatally ill. On being approached by the King for healing, the  powerful Sage Thamba healed her even before the king verbalised the reason for which he had approached the Sage. Out of sheer gratitude for this selfless act, the king decided to bequeath the sage Thamba with wealth, land and facilities, which the Sage gave to his disciple, Sri la Sri Azhagiya Thiruchittrambala Desika Bandara Sannidhi.

The Kingdom of Swargapura flourished with abundant lands, an anna daan mutt, educational institutions, charity organisations, felicitation of scholarly poets, helping the needy who come to the mutt, flourishing of teachings of Saiva Siddhanta, hospitals, giving protection and helping the orphans, a spatika (crystal) Linga and the pūjā methods to offer worship to it, teaching the traditions specific to the lineage of acharyas (rulers), and enlightenment.

The Chera Kingdom in India

(left) The 22nd Pontiff Sri La Sri Dandapani Desika Pandara Sannidhi, offers his everyday worship, to the presiding deities of this Spiritual Seat, keeping the enlightenment eco system alive. The deities of the Swargapuram Aadheenam (right)

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